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Melloni A., Serani A., Tucci V.
Parental genome and brain functions: The case of genomic imprinting
Principles of Gender-Specific Medicine: Sex and Gender-Specific Biology in the Postgenomic Era, pp. 301-312, Publisher: Elsevier
Sanguigno L., Guida N., Anzilotti S., Cuomo O., Mascolo L., Serani A., Brancaccio P., Pennacchio G., Licastro E., Pignataro G., Molinaro P., Annunziato L., Formisano L.
Stroke by inducing HDAC9-dependent deacetylation of HIF-1 and Sp1, promotes TfR1 transcription and GPX4 reduction, thus determining ferroptotic neuronal death
International Journal of Biological Sciences, vol. 19, (no. 9), pp. 2695-2710
Calabrese L., Serani A., Natale S., Tedeschi V., Guida N., Valsecchi V., Secondo A., Formisano L., Annunziato L., Molinaro P.
Identification and characterization of the promoter and transcription factors regulating the expression of cerebral sodium/calcium exchanger 2 (NCX2) gene
Cell Calcium, vol. 102
Guida N., Mascolo L., Serani A., Cuomo O., Anzilotti S., Brancaccio P., Pignataro G., Molinaro P., Annunziato L., Formisano L.
GATA3 (GATA-Binding Protein 3)/KMT2A (Lysine-Methyltransferase-2A) Complex by Increasing H3K4-3me (Trimethylated Lysine-4 of Histone-3) Upregulates NCX3 (Na+-Ca2+Exchanger 3) Transcription and Contributes to Ischemic Preconditioning Neuroprotection
Stroke, vol. 52, (no. 11), pp. 3680-3691
Guida N., Sanguigno L., Mascolo L., Calabrese L., Serani A., Molinaro P., Lau C.G., Annunziato L., Formisano L.
The Transcriptional Complex Sp1/KMT2A by Up-Regulating Restrictive Element 1 Silencing Transcription Factor Accelerates Methylmercury-Induced Cell Death in Motor Neuron-Like NSC34 Cells Overexpressing SOD1-G93A
Frontiers in Neuroscience, vol. 15
Molinaro P., Natale S., Serani A., Calabrese L., Secondo A., Tedeschi V., Valsecchi V., Pannaccione A., Scorziello A., Annunziato L.
Genetically modified mice to unravel physiological and pathophysiological roles played by NCX isoforms
Cell Calcium, vol. 87
Natale S., Anzilotti S., Petrozziello T., Ciccone R., Serani A., Calabrese L., Severino B., Frecentese F., Secondo A., Pannaccione A., Fiorino F., Cuomo O., Vinciguerra A., D'Esposito L., Sadile A.G., Cabib S., Di Renzo G., Annunziato L., Molinaro P.
Genetic Up-Regulation or Pharmacological Activation of the Na+/Ca2+ Exchanger 1 (NCX1) Enhances Hippocampal-Dependent Contextual and Spatial Learning and Memory
Molecular Neurobiology, vol. 57, (no. 5), pp. 2358-2376
Formisano L., Laudati G., Guida N., Mascolo L., Serani A., Cuomo O., Cantile M., Boscia F., Molinaro P., Anzilotti S., Pizzorusso V., Di Renzo G., Pignataro G., Annunziato L.
HDAC4 and HDAC5 form a complex with DREAM that epigenetically down-regulates NCX3 gene and its pharmacological inhibition reduces neuronal stroke damage
Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism, vol. 40, (no. 10), pp. 2081-2097
Valsecchi V., Anzilotti S., Serani A., Laudati G., Brancaccio P., Guida N., Cuomo O., Pignataro G., Annunziato L.
miR-206 Reduces the Severity of Motor Neuron Degeneration in the Facial Nuclei of the Brainstem in a Mouse Model of SMA
Molecular Therapy, vol. 28, (no. 4), pp. 1154-1166
Formisano L., Guida N., Mascolo L., Serani A., Laudati G., Pizzorusso V., Annunziato L.
Transcriptional and epigenetic regulation of ncx1 and ncx3 in the brain
Cell Calcium, vol. 87
Cuomo O., Cepparulo P., Anzilotti S., Serani A., Sirabella R., Brancaccio P., Guida N., Valsecchi V., Vinciguerra A., Molinaro P., Formisano L., Annunziato L., Pignataro G.
Anti-miR-223-5p Ameliorates Ischemic Damage and Improves Neurological Function by Preventing NCKX2 Downregulation after Ischemia in Rats
Molecular Therapy - Nucleic Acids, vol. 18, pp. 1063-1071
Laudati G., Mascolo L., Guida N., Sirabella R., Pizzorusso V., Bruzzaniti S., Serani A., Di Renzo G., Canzoniero L.M.T., Formisano L.
Resveratrol treatment reduces the vulnerability of SH-SY5Y cells and cortical neurons overexpressing SOD1-G93A to Thimerosal toxicity through SIRT1/DREAM/PDYN pathway
NeuroToxicology, vol. 71, pp. 6-15
Guida N., Valsecchi V., Laudati G., Serani A., Mascolo L., Molinaro P., Montuori P., Renzo G.D., Canzoniero L.M., Formisano L.
The miR206-JunD circuit mediates the neurotoxic effect of methylmercury in cortical neurons
Toxicological Sciences, vol. 163, (no. 2), pp. 569-578
Guida N., Laudati G., Serani A., Mascolo L., Molinaro P., Montuori P., Di Renzo G., Canzoniero L.M.T., Formisano L.
The neurotoxicant PCB-95 by increasing the neuronal transcriptional repressor REST down-regulates caspase-8 and increases Ripk1, Ripk3 and MLKL expression determining necroptotic neuronal death
Biochemical Pharmacology, vol. 142, pp. 229-241
Costa P.M., Cardoso A.L., Mendonca L.S., Serani A., Custodia C., Conceicao M., Simoes S., Moreira J.N., De Almeida L.P., De Lima M.C.P.
Tumor-targeted chlorotoxin-coupled nanoparticles for nucleic acid delivery to glioblastoma cells: A promising system for glioblastoma treatment
Molecular Therapy - Nucleic Acids, vol. 2